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Bloomington Police Department in 305 South East Street

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305 South East Street,
Bloomington, Illinois
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+1 309-820-8888

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Customer Reviews about Bloomington Police Department:

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    The employees at this police department LIE constantly. They lie about laws governing the city and the state. Why do they lie? Who knows. Probably to avoid paperwork. But I have had a police officer lie to me concerning laws governing handicapped parking spaces and tags and when an officer can and cannot give tickets for illegally parking. I had a dispatcher outright lie to me concerning the noise ordinance inside the city limits. And I have had an officer who basically said that there was nothing he could do concerning illegal activities being committed because he didn't see the people commit the crime. What is the point of having a police department when they are too damned lazy to do their jobs? When they believe that they might have to do a little bit of extra work they will pull out the lies to convince you that the illegal activity is not something they can do anything about. Take for instance calls about a vehicle horn honking for hours. They give the excuse that because it is on private property they can't do anything about it. However, said property is owned by a condo association. Said condo association has hired managers to manage the property. If the manager calls for a noise disturbance and wants officers to tow the car from the property they have that right as they manage the rights to the property. Saying it is on private property seems to be the end all/be all excuse for lazy officers who refuse to do their jobs. The same occurred when I called police against a woman who was improperly parked in the loading zone of a handicapped parking spot. I, too, am handicapped, and she blocked me from entering my vehicle. First the cop told me that it was private property, to which I responded what was the point of the signs stating that fines we're attached. Then he said that she wasn't illegally parked because she had a handicap tag. I disagreed and said that doesn't give her carte blanche to break the law. He still tried to tell me that he could not give her a ticket but did ask me to point her out so I did. He then proceeds to tell her she is parked illegally. Say what now? He just told me she wasn't, since she had a tag, even though she was not parked in a space, but actually in MY space's loading zone (not a shared loading zone either as it was the very first space). I have absolutely no faith in this police department anymore to uphold the law. I don't see what my taxes go to pay for as it is clear that our police department employees just don't feel like doing work, so who cares if people break laws. If the fine isn't high enough or won't go into their coffee or count towards quotas, I guess the paperwork just isn't worth it to them. See if I vote for any increase in taxes to go to paying a department full of lazy people who either don't care to know the laws or just don't care to uphold them if they are too much trouble. When I first moved here I thought this city must have a great police department because I see them all the time all over town. Now I know what I was seeing was them sitting back in a parking lot with their buddies chatting it up and having a smoke break in groups, not actually being out there doing their jobs. Third time's the charm for me. When you have laws governing fireworks and the ENTIRE CITY IGNORES YOU, you are obviously not doing your job. They do it because the police never rally even try to put a stop to it. Because they like to cherry pick the laws they enforce and fireworks are just too much work. That is made clear by the fact that their supervisor told me that fir the 4th of July they had 9 officers working. That is it. On any given day I usually see about 15-20 cops in various areas around town. So, either I am so lucky to see the same cops where ever I go in town or they cut staff to half on a night they knew they would be busy. I bet I know where they spent THEIR Dunkin Donuts or anywhere but doing their job. This PD seems an utter and absolute waste of taxpayer dollars and you are better off not calling them if you need someone to uphold the law.
    By Katrina Lynn, August 29, 2017
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    Normal police are outstanding . Would rate them a 10 on a scale of 1 - 5. Officier Jasmine Johnson went Above and beyond the call of duty. I would definitely have her promoted
    By Lori Zimmerman, November 20, 2016
  • I work at the country inn and suites and a guest was very belligerent and made me fear for my safety. I called the police and the officers got here with in 15 minutes. I didn't know what room the guest was in but the police officers helped me knock on doors and find the guy and escorted him out. They were very nice and polite and kept the situation from escalating as officers should. I now feel safer because of the BPD.
    By Kelsie Pate, October 06, 2016
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